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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 9, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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get out of the way in the nick of time. and finally, the ugly. talk about a wedding crasher -- ♪ >> oh! >> he cannonballs on to the bride's wedding dress as she walks down the aisle in ireland. on that note, "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day, everyone. >> bye. ♪ an amazing evening, and i don't think i've ever had so many horrible, horrible things said about me in one week. >> what did i mean is that the political revolution that we're talking about is strong in every part of the country. >> we know that we are closing the gap in state after state after state after state. >> here we are. it always comes down to florida, doesn't it? >> just wait one week from tonight. we are going to win the state of ohio. and it will be a whole new ball
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game. [ applause ] good morning, everyone, welcome to studio e here in the heart of midtown manhattan. it was a good night for a billionaire and a guy named bernie. a guy named marco, waking up looking for the mailbox. >> begging for votes now. we'll play sound from him. donald trump took flthree of th four states up for grabs. a huge night. if you're waking up, he won big yesterday. a lot of people saying he needed the big performance after what happened last week. we'll see. >> yeah. it will be interesting to see where we go from now. sha ahead is myrtle beach-- is marc. it is a sprint, d-day in about six days. meanwhile, to recap what happened on super tuesday, too -- joining us live from detroit. good morning to you, peter. >> reporter: good morning. and here in michigan for the last few days, there's been a lot of talk about somebody coming in, maybe cruz, maybe kasich, and giving the
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front-runner a run for his money. it just did not happen. donald trump won very easily here in michigan night with 36% of the vote ready of cruz, kasich, and rubio. trump says now that he is winning states, not only with a lot of republican support, but also, he thinks, with a lot of democratic support. >> on average you're talking about probably more than 50 -- talking about millions and millions of people, whereas the democrats are down 30, 35%. >> i actually think it's the biggest snow storm politics today. i hope that it -- biggest story in politics today. i hope that the democrats embrace it. >> reporter: trump won big in hawaii with 46% of the vote. ted cruz, second place there. and in mississippi with 47% of the vote. ted cruz, second there, as well.
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ted cruz in idaho, 48%. and the big night went to bernie sanders. in michigan, sanders beat clinton 49.9% to 48.2%. >> we started this campaign, as many will remember, ten months ago. we were 60 or 70 points down in the polls. and yet we have -- in poll after poll, state after state, what we have done is created the kind of momentum that we need to win. so once again? has been a fan -- so once again, this has been a fantastic night in michigan. >> reporter: for trump here in michigan, it was an especially important victory because it shows that his strategy of targeting blue-collar workers in an industrial state can work and can win. back to you in new york.
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>> that's what we'll look at straight ahead. thanks. we'll check in with you again. three minutes after the hour. to the tote board, we'll find out where we're at. donald trump without hawaii at 446. you know, he needs 1,037 to call it a nomination, followed by ted cruz who says, hey, look at idaho. i can win. marco rubio did not get a single delegate. governor kasich ended up coming in a close third to -- in michigan. and ben carson still registering -- >> hawaii hasn't come in yet. we know that trump won, but we don't know the delegate count. we will know by the end of the show. >> let's hope so. on the democratic side, you need 2,383 delegates to clinch the nomination. hillary clinton is at about half that. bernie sanders is at 571. the interesting thing about bernie sanders was the fact that going into the voting yesterday, all the polls had hillary clinton up by double digits. the polls have not gotten it this wrong in a very long time.
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in fact, bernie's win last night broke gary hart's average record from 1984, i believe, for the greatest upset versus the final polling numbers. so the pollsters have got a lot of explaining to do. >> why do you think that is? what do you think they're looking for in sanders that hillary doesn't bring to the table? >> i'm not sure. sanders says, well, he went across the state and campaigned right across michigan. plus, he had the town hall with bret and the debate. i guess maybe that changed things. and perhaps, ainsley, on top of that, you look at the fact that hillary clinton focused just on the african-american vote. and i don't think she's resonating with a lot of people that are focused on the job loss and the trade deals which also are the issues that donald trump focused on. >> you're right. i think that bernie is the trump version for the democrats. i think most of them, what people like about them, they're anti-establishment. they don't have much political experience. at least not compared to hillary clinton and some of the others running on the republican side. also i think that what voters like about trump and what they like about sanders is that they
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are honest. they give honest answers. i remember watching the last debate with sanders and hillary clinton, and they were asking, michigananders, asking about the water problem. would you fire the head of the epa. hillary gave a fluff i answer. bernie sanders said, absolutely, i would fire the person if the person is responsible. i think that's what voters are looking for. >> when you drill down on bernie and find out about his economic plan, give away everything and ratchet up the debt, upon further review that could be the issue. >> democrats love that. people who love him love the idea. what is stunning is the fact that marco rubio had -- remember, next tuesday is his waterloo. he's got to win iowa. yet in michigan, marco rubio got 9% of the vote. in mississippi, he wound up with 5% of the vote. and now the gop stop trump movement is conceding that donald trump may actually win ohio and also florida next week,
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and what they're trying to do is convince rubio and kasich to stay in, to deny him clinching it. >> let me ask you this -- if you have to think about yourself -- i know the establishment wants both of them to stay in. >> because they don't want trump. then again, they both really want ted cruz. >> well, this is true. but if you're marco rubio and you're thinking about your political future ahead, i used to say he's going to stay into florida. this morning i woke up and thought, is he going to get out before florida to save face, to save his political career? no. >> on the radio, he absolutely is not. they say, well, what you want to do is not lose florida and -- you want to stick around, avoid this, avoid a loss, humiliating loss in case you want to be governor. i think he feels he can absolutely close the gap. what was damaging was the cnn report that said there's fighting within the higher ranks, saying that he should drop out, other say he should stay in, in the rubio campaign. it also didn't help hawaii when it turn out that there was some circulation going on by some
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cruz volunteers that rubio was dropping out. >> that was at the 11th hour. a week or two ago, marco rubio adopted that, what donald trump referred to as that don rickles routine where he went after trump. it might work for donald trump. it done work for marco rubio. nonetheless, donald trump last night from his headquarters in jupiter, florida, he talked about how he would like to get republicans up and down the ticket re-elected. he's calling for the party to unite behind him. watch. >> this was an amazing evening. and i don't think i've ever had so many horrible, horrible things said about me in one week. the bottom line is we have something going that's so good, we should grab each other and unify the party. believe it or not, i am a unifier. i unify. you look at all of the things i built all over the world. i'm a unifier. i get along with people. >> and when he spoke, the same time hillary clinton hopped on camera and wanted to give her speech to say, look, look at the states i won, not the ones i
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lost. nobody took it. all the networks stuck with donald trump and his stakes and his -- his steaks and his wine and -- >> magazine. >> his magazine. he rolled out all of the businesses to say that i am not a failed businessman. look at all my products. >> yeah. >> meanwhile, you've got ted cruz, you know, it's not looking as rosy for ted cruz. he's telling our own megyn kelly -- by the way, she got a shout out from donald trump. hey, thank you, last night. he told megyn kelly that he is now, mr. cruz is, is okay with the contested convention because he thinks that is his way to win. [ applause ] >> we haven't yet amassed one, two, three, seven, and neither has he. let's say it's a two-man race at that point. you're okay with the "contested" convention where then it goes to a balloting system, and it's still decided by the people. >> a contested convention is a different thing where you go.
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if no one gets 1,237 and two front-runners, reagan and ford battled it out at the convention. that's what conventions are for. if you're fighting for the candidates that have earned the votes of the people and the delegate elected will do that, that's the way the system works. >> i 100% agree. >> if you're unfamiliar, in three or four minutes, pete snyder will explain what a contested convention is on the program. donald trump will join us at 7:30 eastern time. >> the difference in a contested and brokered convention are different. >> and i see huge ratings and drama. >> yuge. going to be yuge. >> seems like everything is yuge. >> i'm not talking about any candidate in particular. 11 minutes after the top of the hour on this wednesday. heather joins us with the news. good morning. great to see everybody. hope everyone's off to a great day. the headlines now -- a man who's accused of trying to kill a pastor in idaho has now been arrested after a bizarre act that took place in front of the
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white house. police say that kyle andrew odom shot pastor tim remington on sunday, just hours after the pastor led a prayer at a campaign rally for ted cruz in idaho. last night, officers arrested him in washington as he allegedly threw pieces of paper and a computer flash drive over the white house fence. this took place last night. that package included a manifesto mentioning u.s. congressmen and senators by name. as we understand, no specific threats. the pastor is in stable condition back if idaho. we'll bring you the latest as we get. it. listen to this one -- president obama choosing to skip nancy reagan's funeral in order to speak at south by southwest. that's a popular film and music festival that takes place every year in texas. instead, first lady michelle obama will attend mrs. reagan's funeral on friday. it's held at the reagan presidential library in california. last month the president also skipped out on the funeral of
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supreme court justice antonin scalia. mitt romney's been getting a lot of mean tweets apparently from donald trump supporters and speaking -- since speaking out against trump last week. he decided to go "jimmy kimmel" and read some of those. listen -- >> @mittromneyequalsloser. that's true, i lost. who are you anyway, and by the way, where do you buy the shoe polish you wear in your hair? @trump2016. i buy at costco in bulk. >> all right. kind of funny there. romney also told kimmel he'd back any candidate except trump. question, is anyone listening? also, he talked about the democrats or republicans here? >> great question. >> you decide. >> what does he ultimately -- >> seems to have boomeranged a bit. >> self-deprecation, always fun. i love to read the mean tweets. >> right. >> not before bed.
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>> no. ainsley does not want mean tweets. don't misinterpret what she said. meanwhile, you heard ted cruz talk about a contested convention for the republicans. here's what happened last time we had one. >> don't push me. take your hands off of me unless you plan to arrest me! >> wait a minute, wait a minute! >> you can see -- >> i'm sorry to be out of breath. somebody belted me in the stomach during that. >> dan rather. so what is it, and how does a contested convention work? and would your vote count, coming up next with pete snyder. and look out -- a masked man holds a cab driver at gunpoint. there was one thing that the criminal never saw coming. it was all caught on camera. ♪ the future belongs to the fast.
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well, staples has low prices and a price match guarantee. i took a body language class once and the way you're standing could mean you're hiding something. oh! uh, staples has low prices. okay, now you're shouting... [laughing] we can hear ya! the lowest price. every time. staples. make more happen. the decision, why not let the party make it? >> it would be a free for all. >> no, we make it so that kathy wins. we'll make it look like the party chose her. think of the coverage. we'll own the news. >> you want the convention to be a circus? >> oh, i'm not sure if you've noticed or not, but politics is no longer just theater.
3:18 am
it's show business. let's put on the best show in town. >> president underwood has really gotten gray hair this year, hasn't he? that's a little art imitating life on "house of cards" with kevin spacey's president underwood suggesting an open convention. how much of a circus is the real thing? joining us to separate fact from tv fiction is pete snyder, former candidate for lieutenant governor of virginia and fox news contributor. good morning, pete. >> good morning. >> first of all, a brokered convention, that's when they don't have a winner, they go behind closed doors, smoke-filled room, come out and suddenly, hey, mitt romney's going to be the guy this time. what is a contested convention? >> a contested convention is when no candidate comes into the convention with a clear majority, and after the first ballot, it becomes a free for all. >> okay. after the first ballot, that's when the state delegates are obligated to vote for whomever won their state. but that --
3:19 am
>> that's exactly it. it's key, some states you're not obligated. take, for example, north dakota. folks are coming in as free agents from the very beginning. they can do what they want. >> okay. that is the peril for whoever the person, people still standing might be. when you hear that, you know, ted cruz now is open for a contested convention, what does that say to you? >> it says that he's in this for the long haul, as are, i believe, most candidates. i mean, there's no real reason for a john kasich and marco rubio to get out now if they want to be in the spotlight come summer. now the thing is, steve, based on the way donald trump performed last night, i think it's highly unlikely, it's great in washington chatter and class to talk about a contested convention. and if you're already elected as a delegate for the convention, you might be fired up about it. but i think it's highly unlikely. donald trump is closing the deal, if he wins and if marco
3:20 am
rubio can't hold serve in florida or kasich can't in ohio, this will be over very soon. >> which means then going forward donald trump is unstoppable? >> i think so. if he goes in with a clear majority, obviously he's going to have it. and even if not, steve, this is a guy who penned the art of the deal. could you imagine what the donald would be doing in a contested convention? the conventional wisdom that he would lose the contested convention i don't believe. air force one would be going to airfields in remote parts of the country, flying people to trump towers try to try to woo them. this thing -- i wouldn't count against the guy. >> well, he certainly has the money and the wherewithal to do it at this point. and right now, he is leading. pete snyder, thank you very much for joining us from our nation's capital. >> thanks, steve. >> all right. ahead, governor john kasich pointing to success in ohio when it comes to health care. >> i would repeal obamacare, but i would take some federal
3:21 am
resources, free it up with medicaid which i would block grant for the state. >> how would that translate on the national level? dr. mark stegall with his plan. good morning, doctor. was engineered... help sense danger before you do. because when you live to innovate, you innovate to live. the all-new audi q7. a higher form of intelligence has arrived. ♪uh. introducing centrum vitamints. a new multivitamin you enjoy like a mint... with a full spectrum of nutrients...
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hi, quick headlines now. we begin with the fox news alert. a u.s. army vet killed in one of three terror attacks in israel. you believe this -- texas native taylor force office a school-sponsored trip when a palestinian man went wild on a stabbing rampage. force of then -- was a business student at vanderbilt university and had served in afghanistan and iraq. and the u.s. may have just killed isis' minister of war. is there anybody who's not in a minister of war? the man known as omar "the chechnyan" was targeted in a
3:25 am
u.s. air strike in syria. it's believed he's dead. let's hope. all week we've been examining the health care plans of the presidential candidates. we're looking at ohio's governor, john kasich. >> if i'm president of the united states, nobody, nobody will lose health care coverage if they have a pre-existing condition. i want complete transparency for our hospitals. what is your cost, what is your quality? >> i would repeal obamacare but take some federal resources, free it up with medicaid which i would block grant for the states. >> we took medicaid, the fastest growing item in almost any state budget. and when i came in, it was growing at 10.5%. in my second budget, it was growing at 2.5%. >> would kasich's success in ohio translate national? fox news medical a-team dr. mark stegall here with a checkup. >> exactly. >> good morning. good to see you again.
3:26 am
>> great to see you. >> today we're talking about kasich. he's done this in ohio. let's start with obamacare. she'd he wants to end obamacare and expand medicaid. >> he's putting his money where his mouth s. he's saying, kasich, i've done it in ohio, i'll do it for the nation. he's shown it. there are parts of obamacare that he actually likes. the medicaid expansion is one, and he really likes it. and he's done it in ohio, added 500,000 people to the medicaid coffers in ohio. meanwhile, he's down $2 billion in terms of what was projected to be the expense. why? >> more people and saving money -- >> he's changed the whole way medicaid is administered in ohio, which i love. he's made it based in the primary care doctor's office with a team approach, with social workers, the physician, with nurses, with nurse practitioners, with business managers. he emphasizes quality of care, not just the number of patients you see, but what kind of care are you delivering?
3:27 am
physicians being paid more for doing more efficient work. doctors love that. >> of course. >> no one else is focusing on the doctor and how overwhelmed they are. kasich is, it's working, it's making it more streamlined, and now ohio is extending it beyond medicaid to all other hmos. the other thing he did with medicaid is privatized it. 80% of medicaid is hmo based, meaning that private insurance has swooped in and see its as a good investment. that's more private, less government dollars. a very, very successful model. >> can it translate nationally, what's what he's doing in the state, successful clearly. can he do at the national level? >> i think he can. it's promising. all the people we've talked about this week are not talking about medicaid expect medicare reform. >> right. >> kasich is. the other thing kasich wants to do, governor kasich, is he wants to preserve lower income who don't quite qualify for medicaid even under the obamacare rules. he wants them to be subsidized. he wants insurance premiums to be subsidized like under obamacare. he wants to save the state
3:28 am
exchanges. he doesn't want people, as he said in the sound bite, he doesn't want people with pre-existing conditions to have to worry. he wants there to be a backstop for people with pre-existing conditions. now that's expensive, but again, if he does it through efficient care, like he's done with medicaid, it's not going to cost the state or federal government more. >> what about our seniors, what does he want to do for them? >> i think he's looking ahead with that. instead of -- he wants to make nursing homes more efficient for very elderly. he wants home-based care for seniors. in other words, if you're elderly, he wants -- if you stay at home, whichever one wants, they would rather be home, they don't want to be in an assisted care facility if possible. he's looking at bringing the home services in, and saving money while at the same time focusing on patient comfort. >> if he does not win as president and the numbers are not likely in his favor, could he get a cabinet position, secretary of hhs?
3:29 am
>> health and human services would be a great place for him in my opinion. current secretary sylvia burr well, i don't want to attack anybody, but she seems to be more of a politician. i love the idea of a health care reformer. he's different from anyone else we've talked about this week. remember, he wants to preserve certain aspects of obamacare. i'm a critic of obamacare. he has won me over with what he's done to revamp medicaid. >> dr. stegall, great to see you. see you tomorrow. what are we talking about tomorrow? >> ted cruz tomorrow. senator cruz. he's a reformer also of obamacare. he was against it. >> look forward to. it good to see you. coming up, an illegal immigrant just arrested for a killing spree. but it never should have happened. the mistake immigration agents made to set him free. and it is national meatball day. time to celebrate. this morning, world-famous italian restaurant car mine's here to reveal their special recipe. brian it out getting a head start. first, we want to wish happy
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let's talk about the primary -- >> donald trump tryum again. the republican -- triumphs again. the republican front-runner declaring three victories, dominating in michigan with 36% of the vote. cruz finished second, barely edging out john kasich. marco rubio way back. on the democratic side, a big upset as bernie sanders declares victory over hillary clinton by just two points. another big win for donald trump in mississippi with 47% of the vote. cruz taking second with 36%. kasich and rubio in single digits. >> in the hawaii caucuses, this just in because they state
3:34 am
department up late. trump once again declaring victory in that caucus with 42% of the vote. there was some hope for marco rubio there, but it was dashed. >> and then in idaho where we love our potatoes, it was a different story. ted cruz took 45% of the votes there followed by trump and then rubio. >> there was no polling there. we had no idea what was going to happen. >> for democrats, it was a landslide. a land dloidslide for clinton in mississippi. four races yesterday across the country. >> because of the gap, she ended up with more delegates at the end of the day than bernie sanders. he with the dramatic upset -- >> michigan. >> terrible news for her in michigan. we'll talk about that throughout the morning. right now, time for some news with heather. >> good morning. a really important and tragic story this morning. another illegal immigrant. a mistake by our immigration agents let the quadruple murder suspect in kansas go free months before he commits a horrific crime. pablo antone serrano was
3:35 am
arrested for driving without a license. i.c.e. sent a retainer to the sheriff instead of the court where he was detained. he's accused of killing five people including a family of four in their st. louis home. he was arrested this morning after a massive manhunt that took place there. what a tragedy that could have been prevented. shocking new video just released from inside oregon, a rancher, a truck showing two rogue gunshots seconds before he was gunned down by the fbi. listen to this -- >> you ain't shooting me. [ screams ] >> the department of justice is now investigating possible misconduct by the fbi for allegedly firing the shots. finicum was the only one killed during the month's long standoff at the oregon wildlife refuge
3:36 am
where they were protesting land policies. the norovirus is back. more bad news for chipotle. a restaurant in massachusetts closed after several workers called out sick. one is believed to have tested positive for the norovirus. the location is being fully sanitized. last year, you remember this, nearly 200 people got sick from a norovirus outbreak in cleveland, and lots of restaurants closed as a result. the world's most cautious criminal has pretty bad timing. a would-be robber on camera pulling a gun on a pennsylvania cab driver. >> we can do there the hard way or the easy way. give me the wallet or -- do it now if you don't want to die, man. >> okay. >> terrifying. that rob her a white mask and gloves. get this -- a sheriff's deputy was right behind the taxicab. good thing for that. 18-year-old victor martinez herrera was arrested and is being charged with robbery and terrorist threats. those are your headlines. let's head out to maria molina
3:37 am
where i think it's going to be beautiful in the northeast. that's right. good to see you. hello everybody at home. it's going to be gorgeous along the eastern u.s. with temperatures that are going to be near record. so incredible stuff out there. i want to start out across the south. out here we are tracking the slow-moving storm system. yesterday there were reported tornadoes across texas. today the risk for more severe storms in texas is again in place across eastern parts of the state including cities like houston and also across places like shreveport into louisiana. looking at the region for possible not only damaging winds, large hail, but also even tornadoes as we head into the day today. heavy rain also in the forecast. we could potentially see an additional eight inches of rain in arkansas, louisiana. we have a number of watches that are in effect out there because of the flood concerns. and there's a quick look at the forecast. highs could be 74 today in new york city. now let's head to ainsley, brian, and steve. >> thanks. >> thank you. guess what, guys, today it's a day to celebrate.
3:38 am
it is national meatball day. >> yeah. >> families excited. >> wow! >> that's right. a day everyone can get behind. look at this. >> for your pleasure. a la carte, dessert -- uh-huh. okay. he says he wants two spaghetti specials. heavy on the meatballs. >> here's the spaghetti. >> yeah. >> by the way, celebrating national meatball day with carmine's family-style italian restaurant. they've got a book and restaurants. they're show us how to make their famous meatballs is chef neil corman. >> thank you very much. we're honored to be here. >> are you give to give away secrets for us? >> here's a secret, every day is national meatball day. we make so many meatballs, it's not funny.
3:39 am
the two locations in new york, atlantic city, vegas, d.c., all the same meatball. we've been using the recipe for 25 years. it hasn't changed. you'll get it now. >> we'll have the website on our website. you start with the big bowl of meat. >> the big bowl. hamburger beef, and we also have veal. great mixture. evering that goes got -- everything that goes into it is about the texture and flavor. the secret, we'll start this now. we'll take chicken stock, put it in the breadcrumbs. you can have whatever breadcrumbs you want, but we make our own. if you soak them, you'll incorporate really good. into this, parsley, we've got basil, garlin, salt. other seasoned breadcrumbs in there, too. >> you're doing this at warp speed. on a normal night at carmine's, you've got families starving at the restaurant. >> we make these to order. each meatbowl -- no, we don't do that. they're made ahead of time. >> in all the restaurants, we go through half a million meatballs a year.
3:40 am
546,258. >> your restaurant is family style. you can get a round table, sits with your friends. first week i was in new york, at one of my favorite italian restaurants. you got to try the meatballs, but stay for the dessert. have you had the titanic desert? it's called the "titanic" for a reason. >> it does -- >> i love ice cream as much as i like the meatballs. >> we soaked our breadcrumbs. we'll makes it. this -- we'll mix it. this gives it texture. it's not just beef. it's love. >> it's love. >> i think you are so close, you could put your hand in there -- >> do it. >> we've got so many napkins. >> i'm from surgery -- >> why didn't you warm this for us? cold. >> we were, it got cold out here. >> brian, you want to try? come on. >> make a meatball. >> brian hates germs. brian, come on. if you do it -- >> here we go. everything's set. this is what we mix. this is the meatball.
3:41 am
quart-pound meatball. one quart pound. >> do you practice on play-doh? >> we don't. >> you get oil -- >> a little oil, make the meatballs. don't -- there you go. >> do you see how perfectly round these are? >> steve, you want one? >> i'm okay. >> there you go. >> you've got to do it until you can't see seams, right? >> press it hard and make it nice and round. >> like making a snowball. >> when you're finished, you come to the restaurant, you're all skilled. >> good deal. thank you for coming over. >> real quickly, summarize what you do, you put it in a baking pan, put it in the oven for 20 minutes -- >> 20 minutes, 450 degrees. you cook them another 20 minutes in the sauce. you see everything that we have. >> the complete recipe on our website. chef neil, thank you very much. great having you here. >> thank you very much. take care. come visit us. >> all right. perfect day to do it. >> drop ainsley's name. >> right, 10% off. donald trump dominating another primary election day in the overall delegate count.
3:42 am
what makes his supporters so passionate and his haters so hateful? inside the mind of a donald trump supporter. and if you are a parent, t the toughest part of your day, putting your kids to bed. that's true. we have the secret to get your kids to sleep next. sales event is on.
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3:45 am
we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. one of the things i'm most happy about is that the turnout has been massive for -- every week. when it's south carolina or any place -- started pretty much
3:46 am
with new hampshire and really, iowa, no matter where you go, it's records. i think it's actually the single biggest story in politics today. >> that's the cover of "time" magazine. another night of record turnout for donald trump as the gop front-runner wins three out of four state contests. why does his support come from, where has it been coming from? here to take us inside the mind of a donald trump supporter, psychiatrist, fox news contributor, all-around nice guy, dr. keith adwell. this is not any normal election. why is this outsider doing so well in the mainstream? >> listen, i think the main reason is one thing -- barack obama. barack obama fed america a bunch of lies it how we're terrible peel. he went on apology -- terrible people. he went on apology tours. he attended church where the preacher was preaching terrible things about america. there's pent-up frustration about him. people are ready to say no, america, and there's an
3:47 am
american. he has lots of businesses. he's unapologetic. >> right. >> a nationalist. this is payback for barack obama. but it's also payback for the republicans who let that happen. i don't think people can believe it. that we let this guy occupy the oval office for eight years. >> and also the opposition research must have said the same thing. that's why they went after his businesses, how they went after trump and all that. and that's probably why he rolled out all of his successful businesses last night. let me tell you what the exit polls show, that we want to bring you to this, how trump won michigan in particular. 65% voted for him because he tells it like he is. 63% because he was outside the establishment. 48% because they are angry. would you say since we end to elect people the opposite of who was there regardless of popularity, if he was replacing george bush, who also tended to tell it like it is, it might have been a different story. >> might have been a different story. and then, by the way, the other candidates wouldn't look so
3:48 am
anemic. they have a singsong tone. other than kasich. they have a singsong tone to everything they say. everything they say appears as though it is a scripted speech delivered from on high. and i think the voters are like, really, another one of you guys? you also notice and you also note that he speaks from the gut. he speaks passionately and doesn't talk down to you while not being afraid of anything. he also could not recognize the teleprompter. especially if you watched the speech, the press conference last night. he was winging it again. exactly. the bottom line is people, i think, are ready for someone that they trust to be authentic. they don't want any chance that somebody is operating with any sleight of hand or poetically or on high. this guy is probably a lot like he is on tv when he's in your living room. i think he's probably pretty much the same.
3:49 am
>> absolutely. >> they want m&m, they don't want paul anchoa. >> that's true. as much as they are different in philosophies and beliefs, he does profile the same way, in a way that's bernie sanders. tells it like it is. you think he's natural, also not reading a script. dr. keith ablow, you came one your own point of view because you went to college for this. thank you very much. >> i'll announce tomorrow. all right, brian. take care. >> great. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. marco rubio, believe it or not, got absolutely no delegates last night. so now he's pleading with voters in a way. >> you are given an incredible task a week from now, and i need your help. i need your vote. >> yep. has marco rubio lost all his steam, or can he k he w-- histoy can he win in his home state? a winner take all for him? and if you're a parent, putting kids to bed is one of the hardest parts of your day. we'll tell you the secret. number one, don't wake them up and put them on the plaza in new york city. number two, we'll have other secrets.
3:50 am
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3:53 am
it is national sleep awareness week and today we are answering parent's questions about their kids' sleep schedules. >> we have parents and kids and here is ingrid brewer, a sleep consultant and you work with kids as well, right? >> yes, i do. >> all right. let's start, lilly, what's your question for -- >> you're witnessing it right now. after we switched to the big boy bed and j.b. had a little brother that was born not too long ago, he's roaming around in the middle of the night. he never used to do that. i don't know if i should be firm, or if i go and pamper him
3:54 am
and make him fall asleep? so just want know how to handle it the right way. >> it's definitely normal he's going through this phase for two reasons. one, he has a sibling. and the other is because he just has this newfound freedom. we gave him the keys to the car but haven't taught him how to drive it yet. we want to ease him into the big boy bed. giving him some visuals as to the boundary is once this like -- let's say clock with a particular light comes on, then you can come out of your room. if you need us, give us a call. call out for us. we'll come and get you. why? because we're concerned about your safety. if you're roaming around you can get hurt especially in the middle of the night. call out for us and we'll be there for you as we try to help them ease into -- >> look at this. >> into the sleep position now. >> over here, we have brooke and her daughter parker. she is a big girl and her son august with the cutest little hair. what is your question? >> well, i have one mom to mom tip.
3:55 am
we have the beauty rest platinum hybrid mattress, it is amazing for the entire family. if we're all in together, if she's sleeping in her bed she's happy and everyone is sleeping well. but coming up this weekend it is daylight savings. what do we do? how do i keep this little tiny one on the same schedule? >> if he is the type of child that is sensitive to change, then i'd like you to start working at it from this point. >> uh-oh. >> start tonight. by stretching his sleep time by 15 minutes. for day and night sleep. if he takes to change very easily, -- >> like we see him doing. hello. hello. >> then what you want to do is definitely not even prepare for it. like if he takes it to easily, don't prepare for it. it will take two to three days for us to adjust in general. so as you adjust he'll adjust as well. >> wonderful. >> based on the new schedule, but on a schedule that you did have. just look at the new clock, not
3:56 am
the old one. >> it's a gig deal for parents. >> it is. >> spring forward, fall back, what do you do? >> all right, thank you very much. brooke, lilly, ingrid, thank you. another big night for donald trump, so how is he feeling today? he'll join us live in the next half hour. sean penn revealed meeting the infamous drug lord, el chapo. but now we have learned another hollywood hot shot was behind the controversy. >> oh, boy. i'm mary ellen, and i quit smoking with chantix. i have smoked for 30 years and by taking chantix,
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4:00 am
>> we still have time to get this right. but we do not have forever. >> we are now moving into a position where the people of america are beginning to hear this message. and it's a strong one. and that was -- here's other circus. >> that's right. you know who's in town. the ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus is here in new york city. and coming up this hour, the china national acrobatic troupe with hoop divers are going to be joining us. there's the ring master. >> a lot of politics for you. got ringling brothers, we have granger smith here. he's going to sing for us. >> no wonder kids can't sleep, it's a circus outside. >> do you know the year in which ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus got together? >> 1918, something like that? >> you don't know?
4:01 am
is that right? >> i'm sorry, i thought information the form of a question. >> big night for donald trump. >> no kidding. donald trump solidified his spot on top of the republican side. declaring victory in three primaries. let's look at the numbers. cruz finished at second in michigan. barely beating john kasich. >> big news for cruz to beat john kasich. >> bad news for kasich. trump took mississippi with 47% of the vote. cruz took second with 36% and kasich and rubio both in single digits. look at marco rubio right there, 5%. >> in hawaii, the representative was not able to get up, but donald trump did win late at 42% of the vote. ted cruz with 32% followed by marco rubio at 13%. in idaho, trump came in second. cruz trounced him. he had 45% of the vote. congratulations to ted cruz. that was his big win. >> all right. let's look at the delegate count that leaves trump with 446
4:02 am
delegates. cruz has 347. rubio, 151 and kasich has 54. we continue our team coverage of super tuesday, round two. dan springer as you see on the right-hand side of your screen has a full report from idaho. but first, we hand it over to peter doocy with a recap in michigan. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. trump was the big winner here in michigan. here's how he did it. with half of all michigan voters angry at the federal government, with more evangelical christian voters than anyone in the republican field and with 45% of michigan voters that think trade takes jobs away from the u.s. which goes to show that trump's strategy for gaining support in industrial states can work. >> on average, you're talking about probably more than 50 -- talking about millions and millions of people, whereas the democrats are down 30, 35%. i actually think it's the biggest story in politics today
4:03 am
and i hope the republicans will embrace it. we have -- don't forget, we have democrats coming over. >> reporter: and then the democratic party primary, surprise of the night. sanders over clinton. the senator picked up overwhelming majorities of young people, independents and voters who say the thing they want knows the president is honesty and trustworthiness. he sees the results as a part of a big trend line that he thinks looks good. >> so we started this campaign as many of you will remember ten months ago. we were 60 or 70 points down in the polls. and yet, we have -- what we have seen is in poll after poll, state after state, what we have done is created the kind of momentum that we need to win. so once again, this has been a fantastic night in michigan. >> reporter: and here in michigan, for the republicans ted cruz won the most support with very conservative voters.
4:04 am
he came in second place here which was a bit of a surprise, ahead of john kasich who spent a ton of time in the state, was thought to maybe surprise some people last night when the results came in. but didn't. back to you in new york. >> peter, is that canada behind you? >> reporter: no. that's detroit. we're on bell isle. canada is over that way. >> okay. >> reporter: the prime minister election coverage starts late oren. >> beautiful shot. you look great. so ted cruz secures another win in idaho. >> and he's second place behind the dominant front-runner, trump. >> dan springer is in idaho, far away from canada, with details on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. not only was it a trump night everywhere else, but here in idaho it was for senator ted cruz. he made up a lot of ground late and won this state pretty easily.
4:05 am
they are still counting votes but with 97% of the precincts reporting, ted cruz has won 45% of the vote, donald trump 28%. marco rubio 16%, very disappointing there and john kasich, 7.5%. in the last poll taken in late february, cruz trailed donald trump by double digits. he was at only 19%. but he surged as trump came under attack from mitt romney and other prominent republicans. we spoke with many voters yesterday who were motivated to derail a trump nomination. >> first i didn't have an issue with trump as i dug in deeper and kind of got to know him, i really thought this is not somebody i'm ready to back. >> it was a hard one for me. i was trying to decide between him and marco rubio. and in tend it came down to who i thought was more electable. >> reporter: yeah, we heard a lot of that. the big loser was marco rubio who failed to hit the 20% threshold so he got shut out of delegates yesterday. 32 were up for grabs. we don't have the final tally, but we do know that senator ted cruz will get the lion's share.
4:06 am
probably somewhere close to 20. which will be another state that he's won with a closed primary. this is republicans only who could vote yesterday. it was not a huge turnout. about 25% which is about what they were expecting. not a big surge in new voters and most of the delegates go to ted cruz. >> we had no idea what was doing to happen there. i didn't see any polls leading up to idaho. we couldn't even speculate. >> let's back up for a second and look at bernie sanders' stunning win. hillary clinton was projected to win by double digits. right now the way it stands on the democratic side you need 2,400 and hillary is about halfway there and bernie has half of what she has. >> let's drill down on what happened in michigan. this is a stunner. looks like hillary clinton on the real clear average was up 12. she loses by a few and here's what it is. it is bernie sanders goes into the rust belt and does well among white voters and does get a percentage of the black vote he had not been getting.
4:07 am
for hillary clinton she only focused on the african-american community in michigan. or was it -- or was it, ainsley, part of what we saw with bret baier, the forum yesterday and the debate that the people saw? >> i think it's a medley. i think it's a mixture of this. i think the voters are saying we don't like the establishment. hillary clinton has years and years of political experience as was all know. i think people like bernie sanders because they think he's honest and people in michigan as we saw in the last debate, people were taking the podium and asking him questions and he was being very honest. yes, i will fire the epa. whoever is responsible for this water problem in flint. i will make sure that that person loses their job. they asked hillary clinton the same question and she kind of gave -- right. >> bernie said he was stridently opposed to the disastrous trade deals and where the jobs in michigan, it resonated with people. meanwhile, donald trump after his two wins because the hawaii
4:08 am
win came much later in the evening, he took the podium at trump national in jupiter, florida, and he spoke for about half an hour and then he opened it up for questions from the press. >> i loved it. >> you never know what's going to happen. peter alexander from nbc asked him about the republican establishment's super pac. they have an ad out that shows mr. trump using some very colorful language where he's cussing at times. this is what the donald said to peter alexander from nbc. >> oh, you're so politically correct, you're so beautiful. look at you. oh. oh, he's so -- oh, i know you never heard a little bad, off language. you're so perfect. aren't you perfect? aren't you just the perfect young man. give me a break. you know what? it's stuff like that that people in this country tired of. okay? it's stuff like that. >> so i mean, he was up and down. talking steaks and wine and
4:09 am
water, his magazines. he was talking about his successful businesses. talking about adam scott winning his tournament the weekend before. how he's a great closer on the golf course. am i a great closer, pointed to someone else who was a member of the golf course. from his club tournaments. am i a greater closer? then also the fact that paul o'neill, the all-time great yankee is in his corner. >> that's right. if you go against the donald and you say anything about him, he going to come back and defend himself, just like we saw with the small hand comment. people are saying his businesses have gone bankrupt. i got a big laugh when i saw the table of wines and steaks with the trump name on it. >> right. >> he famously bought the clooney estate in virginia. >> i noticed last tuesday and this tuesday he talks about being a unifier. he said lindsey graham said terrible things about him. i sense he'll use his deal
4:10 am
making skills to win over paul ryan. charles krauthammer said nice things and megyn kelly, they took a shot of megyn kelly watching donald trump. >> she got a big smile. >> pretty cool. he talked about unifying the party, so you're right. he'll go after the establish. saying come join me team. >> we'll talk to him in 20 minutes from right now. he'll join us live. put down that remote because he is coming up and so is heather nauert. >> good morning. it a fox news alert. frightening news out of the myself today. iranian state media reporting that that country has test fired two ballistic missiles just a day after a missile test that u.s. officials say may have violated a u.n. resolution. well, this new report alleges it was marked israel must be wiped out in hebrew. that country wanted to show the
4:11 am
islamic republic's readiness to counter any threats. well, this comes as vice president joe biden visits israel as part of a middle east tour. he says if iran breaks the terms of the nuclear deal, we will act. hmm. well, another fox news alert from back home right now. a man accused of trying to kill a pastor in idaho is now under arrest after a bizarre act that took place in front of the white house. police say that kyle andrew odom shot pastor tim remington on sunday, just hours after that pastor led a prayer at a campaign rally for ted cruz in idaho. last night, officers arrested odom as he allegedly threw pieces of paper and a computer flash drive over the white house fence. that package included a manifesto they say mentioning u.s. congressmen and senators by name, but no specific threats. the pastor is now in stable condition back in idaho. and some brand-new information this morning about sean penn's secret rendezvous with el chapo. according to a new documentary,
4:12 am
that's called "bungle in the jungle" that's set to debut tomorrow, the hollywood director oliver stone orchestrated the meeting hoping to make a blockbuster movie on el chapo's life and it would star sean penn. well, penn has said the meeting was just for journalistic purposes. obviously not. now that we have learned this information. that meeting led to the arrest of el chapo in mexico. he may soon be extradited to the united states. and donald trump may have been center stage in orlando, but the republican front-runner wasn't the only one stealing the show. watch this. >> we can't play games. our country's in deep trouble. we have to beat her. it looks like she's going to make it. we can't play games. our country -- >> okay. well, watch here as one guy feeds the other cheese its, potatoes chips. i don't know. but it caught our attention. a lot of people are talking about this. we have had a lot of examples of people doing peculiar things behind the candidates this campaign season. >> going to keep doing it. >> that's right.
4:13 am
that's right, brian. >> pushing that behavior. >> can i have a nacho? >> sorry. >> i insist you feed yourself this hour. >> all right. will do. after last night's primary wins -- the results, the winner take all states could be the only way to change the republican race. political expert scott rasmussen breaks down the numbers, coming up. plus, it doesn't get much closer than this. a reporter -- >> whoa! >> live tv. this is why it pays to be nice to your cameraman. s recommend tg ...non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season. claritin provides powerful, non-drowsy 24 hour relief... for fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do every day. live claritin clear. trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪
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4:17 am
all right. last night's primaries we saw donald trump increasing his lead in delegates just barely though. it's donald trump at 458. senator ted cruz, 359. senator marco rubio stays pat at 151, kasich picks up slightly at 54 followed by carson still in there. florida and ohio are coming up on march 15th. they are winner take all. so are most of them the rest of the way. how big of an effect could those results have on trump's lead? let's ask political analyst who has seen it all, scott rasmussen. >> great to be here, brian. >> we looked at the overall delegate race.
4:18 am
you said it's not insurmountable. he's still beatable. >> donald trump is the leader. but he is beatable. he's like a baseball team that has a lead with 30 days to go. he's got to keep on winning and right now, donald trump needs to win 60% of the remaining delegates if he wants to clinch the nomination. that's a tall order. he did not win 60% of the delegates last night. >> right. 67% would be for ted cruz. >> for ted cruz, even tougher. >> we'll see where we go from here. in a closed primary, trump does not do as well as in an open primary. >> this something we have seen in lots of elections. john mccain did well against george w. bush, in the open primaries, not as well in the closed. as the season moves on later and it gets to more closed primaries that's where ted cruz will have his chance. again the question right now is how quickly does marco rubio leave? he got no delegates last night, what does john kasich do. does it come to the one-on-one competition and if so then it's
4:19 am
a winner take all. >> so bring me to florida. marco rubio you know he's on a bit of a roll. went from 21 points down to eight points down. see if he can do it in a state that put him there. >> i'm not sure if marco rubio will be in the race on tuesday. >> wow. we'll find out. he said yesterday he's absolutely staying in. he said that last night. marco rubio right now didn't get anything, but ted cruz is setting up 11 different locations including he's going to be campaigning in miami today, i think. >> he has to do this. because for ted cruz to lose that state and to lose ohio, not get any of those delegate, he's in a terrible position. he wants to see some kind of a one-on-one competition and hope for a miracle. >> if trump wins florida, like you indicate you think he will and loses ohio, that would be only to kasich, he's the only one close there, this would be
4:20 am
the delegate count. 557 to 359 to 151 to 120. by the rest of the following states don't really play to cruz's strength which is the south. >> no other way to say this, donald trump, if he wins florida, he is going to be in great shape. he is going to be the leader. but he cannot coast. he has not clinched the nomination. he needs to keep going and he will still need to win about 55% of the delegates. >> let's look at trump loses florida and ohio to kasich a much different game. 458 to 359 to 250, 99 delegates to rubio. what happens then? >> then the percentage of donald trump changes. he's no longer the investable force. people will say, wow, cruz is within 99 delegates. we don't know what happens in the other states. >> we have a good indication on thursday if that's a different tone or not. there was some backlash, although there were big ratings on thursday. >> great ratings but a nasty
4:21 am
tone. >> great to see you, scott. a college basketball coach goes well beyond his court to teach the players to honor the national anthem. and the reverend graham will join us with a message of faith to all the candidates. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at
4:22 am
4:23 am
frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
4:24 am
got some quick wednesday morning headlines. starting with this. ♪ >> the lead singer of the rock band ac/dc in danger of going deaf. the band has cancelled ten concerts from their world for bust world tour after vocalist brian johnson advised by doctors to not take the stage or risk
4:25 am
total hearing loss. they hope to resume the tour later this year with a guest vocalist. and how much do you sleep and how much you really need? scientists now say sleeping too much or too little is bad for your heart. they say less than four hours of sleep increases the risk of heart attack and heart disease by 36%. and if you sleep more than eight hours, that raises the risk to 28%. something to think about. all right, thank you so much, steve. well, there's a bus tour rolling through our country aimed at getting christian voters to the polls. it is called decision america tour and our next guest is spear heading this campaign to put god's voice back into our politics. reverend franklin graham joins us now. he's the ceo of samaritans first. what a pleasure to have you here with me today. tell me about this tour -- my dad went to the one in columbia,
4:26 am
south carolina. he said it was fantastic. what are you doing and why are you doing this? >> i have no hope in the republican party. i have no hope in the democratic party. or any political party. the only hope for this country is god. and we have taken god out of the political debate. we have taken him out of the public space. i want to put him pack in. we are asking people to come to the capitol steps, in all 50 state capitals. i'm asking people to join me and we spend half the time in prayer. just people holding hands with the person next to them. and praying to god. confessing the sins of our nation, confessing this own sins. this is what nehemiah did in chapter 1, and god gave him favor. we need god's favor. >> as far as the candidates are concerned you're not endorsing a candidate. you're no longer a part of the gop. why is that? >> i'm just fed up. i don't think i can stand and
4:27 am
ask for people for pray and be affiliated with one of the parties. i don't want people to think he's doing this for the republicans or this group or that group, it's not. it's for god. i want to get crhristians to vote. i want them to vote in the national and the state elections. pow important it is -- how important it is to get christian mayor, to get christians on the school boards. and i want christians to run for office. and i want them to vote. >> yeah, god can change your life and change the decisions that you make on a daily basis. i know that first hand. this election is shocking to me because i thought ted cruz was going to get the majority of the evangelicals, but look at the state of south carolina. there are a lot of evangelicals in that state and donald trump won. why is that? why are christians voting a different way this time around? >> i think there's just millions of people who are fed up with washington and the status quo. and the insiders. and i think that's why they're voting the way they are. >> they like honesty too. >> they want honesty and strong
4:28 am
leadership. that's very important. >> how do you define the word evangelical? >> it's a hard word to define anymore. i'm not sure it means what it used to mean. it used to mean a person who believed in the scriptures, the bible to be the word of god. but believed in telling others, evangelizing and telling others. but yet that word is i think misused a lot today and a lot of people call themselves that and i'm not sure what they are. >> how is your precious father doing? >> he's 97 and he's doing pretty good. so i go see him every weekend. >> give him our love. i heard him speak as a little girl. he's such an amazing man. what was it like having him as a father? >> he is still a great father, and very encouraging. always very supportive. of all of us children. i'm just thankful for him and my mom. >> yeah. your mom was such a rock. i have a dvd of your mother talking about what a christian woman she was. and she talks about how your father would leave our country
4:29 am
and go preach the gospel around the world and hold down the fort and raise the children and she told him to go. that's hard as a wife and a mom. >> she supported him 100%. she took all the problems and so when my father came home, she didn't go tattle tale to my father and said, franklin did this while you were gone, so get your belt -- no. she took care of things. so she took care of things so we could enjoy daddy. she knew her bible, she knew the scriptures. >> he was prepared. give our love to your father. and your entire family. coming up a group of silicon valley executives meeting with republican leaders to orchestrate a way to dump donald trump. we'll tell you why they fear him and donald trump himself is here
4:30 am
to react to that. he's going to join us live coming up next. plus, it doesn't get much closer than that. a reporter nearly hit by that speeding car live on tv and the video is coming up next. my mom loves giving me advice. she even gives me advice... ...about my toothpaste and mouthwash. but she's a dentist so...i kind of have to listen. she said "jen, go pro with crest pro-health advanced." advance to healthier gums... ...and stronger teeth from day one. using crest toothpaste and mouthwash makes my... ...whole mouth feel awesome. and my teeth are stronger too. crest-pro health advanced... superior to colgate total... these 5 areas dentists check. this check up? so good. go pro with crest pro-health advanced. mom's right...again!
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4:33 am
well, super tuesday 2 was a big day for donald trump. he solidified his spot on top declaring victory in three republican primaries. let's look at the numbers. he dominated michigan with 36% of the vote. ted cruz finished in second, barely edging out john kasich who really needed that win. trump also took mississippi with 47% of the vote. cruz behind with 36% and kasich and rubio -- look at marco rubio right there, 5%. >> in hawaii, this came in late so don't blame yourself if you didn't know this. trump won with 22%. in idaho, he came in second to cruz by a wide margin who had 45% of the vote to trump's 28%
4:34 am
to rubio's 35%. >> all right. so that leaves trump with 446 delegates, rubio 151 and kasich has 54. >> that's right. also on the democrat side, an upset last night looked like hillary clinton is going to win michigan but bernie sanders won. so the headline is yesterday it was about the billionaire and the bernie. and marco rubio. oh, my goodness. >> does that show the rust belt states are more open to republicans if secretary of state hillary clinton is the nominee? >> maybe so. >> donald trump will be joining us on the other side of the headlines. which we start with heather. >> good morning to you. he's accused of murdering five people in cold blood. a mistake by u.s. immigration officials gave him a license to kill. serrano-vitorino had been deported from the united states 12 years ago, but he somehow
4:35 am
ended up back in this country illegally. he was then busted last september for driving without a license. but i.c.e. mistakenly sent a retain tore the wrong sheriff's office and he was released. he is accused of killing five americans including a family of four in their home in st. louis. that's their home right there. he was arrested this morning after a massive manhunt took place. what a tragedy. prayers to that family. well, o.j. simpson is quote, a little worried about the knife that was found buried on his property. his former manager telling "people" magazine that and this. quote, if it's one of his pocket knives and if it's got blood on it, that can make him look bad when he's up for parole. simpson was acquitted in the murders of his ex-wife and ron goldman. an lapd officer turned in that knife which was allegedly found by a construction worker 18 years ago on the property.
4:36 am
simpson is up for control on the different crime from las vegas. he is up for parole next year, 2017. a car veers off the road in california and nearly hits a reporter on live television. take a look at this. >> confusing situation -- >> look out! >> oh. wow. that happened pretty quickly. there it was a reporter for ktvu. jumping out of the way in the nick of time. but thanks to his photographer, we love those guys, thanks to our photographers, that photographer gave him a heads up. police believe that the driver may have hit the gas instead of the brakes, sending that car flying off the road. this is an amazing story. i love this one and what they're doing down in virginia. a college basketball coach got tired of his players disrespecting the national anthem. so he brought someone in to help teach them a lesson. watch this. >> these guys when they were your age interrupted their life. so when the anthem was played, we're going to stand like grown
4:37 am
men, and we're going to honor men like this. >> that gave me chills watching that. that's the virginia tech coach bud williams. he made his players stand face to face with our veterans while the anthem played to make sure that these young men knew exactly why we do that. play that anthem. powerful, isn't that? i love that coach. ainsley, like your dad, basketball coaches they're the best. >> thanks so much. maria molina is outside, talking about the best. she's poised to give you the weather and beautiful weather. >> thanks. speaking of the best, we have the greatest show on earth here setting up behind me. they have seen, brian and steve, uniforms so you'll be joining in in on the action. we have some extreme weather possible today with severe weather a threat across eastern parts of texas, louisiana and also western parts of mississippi. so you're looking at the threat
4:38 am
for not only damaging wind and hail from some of the storms, but also the potential for some tornadoes. of course we'll keep you updated throughout the rest of this morning. heavy rain in the forecast and it's been ongoing already across the lower mississippi valley. that's going to be continuing here over the next couple of days with the potential of an additional eight inches of rain. so flooding is a real threat out here. a number of watches and warnings very issued because of the threat. across the eastern u.s., near record temperatures are forecast out there. we could be setting some records in places like new york city, a high of 74 degrees. in the 60s in chicago and in cleveland and in raleigh, north carolina, a high forecast to reach 80 degrees. now let's head over to you. >> fantastic. today, florida comes to new york. >> we'll take it. all right, coming up, the big winner from last night, trump, will be joining us live. we hope. >> you just saw them behind maria. the ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus, they're taking us under the big top on the
4:39 am
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4:42 am
we have been waiting a little while for him, but we're finally ready for him. trump on the phone from florida. congratulations, donald trump, on three big victories last night. >> thank you very much, brian. a great honor. i'll tell you it was so amazing. it was just an amazing evening. >> hawaii came in late. i watched the press conference. what went into the decision to have a press conference -- a news conference rather than i just saying, i won, thanks, fans, i have to move on? why is that necessary? >> it's been very interesting. a lot of people are liking the
4:43 am
idea. i don't know if you're liking i want. >> i love it. >> people are liking it. all of our lives we have watched people get up and rant and rave and talk about their victory and thanked us for that. i just felt that it was a really good time to talk just briefly about the victory. and have -- if you have any questions. you know, i'm very open to the press. i speak to the press. i'm okay, with, you know, some of the press. not all of it. but we ask and i will say that a lot of people are liking it. you know, most people have said they have never seen it before. i never have seen it before. i must say it started two weeks ago, i was at mar-a-lago, i was essentially with my family. and i had just watched somebody get up and rant and rave, and they had 2,000 people in the press conference and i did it and everybody loves it. i think it's better. >>. you have to feel good after a weak or so after being the human
4:44 am
pinata where the super pacs spent tens of millions of dollars attacking you and your biography, for you to actually wind up with the last laugh. >> well, i do feel good. and i'll tell you, steve, it was vicious. it was disgusting. they were lies -- those ads are lies. it was a disgrace to see what happened. that's one of the reasons i did what i did when i showed the steaks. i showed wines, i showed the magazine. all of this stuff. you know, i sold the airline. you're not allowed to sell -- you know? i filed with the federal elections commission one of the greatest financial statements ever created, okay, ever created. by the way, if i didn't create that statement, if i didn't do well, you know i wouldn't be able to run for president, because i'll be scrutinized like nobody before. i filed almost a hundred pages of documents listing assets and debt and we have very little debt, and all of these things. and then i have somebody get up
4:45 am
and talk about steak and a magazine and, you know, small stuff. and, you know, i have a great magazine. i mean, it's for my club magazine. all of these different things. i thought it was so terrible that mitt romney did that. now, it was false. but i'll tell you he shouldn't have done what he did last week, i understand where he's coming from. you know, he had a big defeat four years ago. i understand where he's coming from and he should and have gone on the jimmy kimmel show. he demeaned himself by doing that? >> in what way did he demean himself? >> i thought it didn't look good. i don't think i would have done that. i don't think he should have been reading the tweets -- negative tweets. why is he doing that? what is he doing? i thought it was demeaning. nothing to do with me. i thought it was demeaning to him. >> donald, tell you what, some people are unfamiliar with what you're talking about so here's the clip of mitt romney last night with jimmy kimmel reading mean tweets.
4:46 am
>> @real donald trump, mitt romney had his chance and blew it. lindsey graham ran for president, got zero, capitalized and quit. why are they now spokesman against me? sad. got zero. got zero. the only people i know who got zero with the ones who paid 25 grand to be at donald trump university. they're the ones who got zero. >> all right. mr. trump, what's your reaction to that? >> are you with us? did we lose him? >> did we disconnect him? >> this might be the first time he refused to answer. >> we're going to try to get him back. >> i think we pushed the wrong button in the control room. >> he talked about unifying the party. because the party is split right now. ted cruz is getting a lot of the votes. that he's come in second place basically behind donald trump in most of the states. although he did win idaho yesterday. >> right. >> we wanted to ask him about
4:47 am
unifying the gop. what his plan to the that is. >> we'll try to recorrennect one other side of the break. this morning, the ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus is taking us under the big top in the plaza. >> brian is going to try it. >> i'm thinking about it. fact. there's an advil specially made for fast relief that goes to work in minutes. the only advil with a rapid release formula for rapid relief of tough pain. look for advil film-coated in the white box! relief doesn't get any faster than this. advil.
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4:50 am
all right. we'll talk to donald trump at 8:00 eastern. meanwhile, the circus is in town and lucky for us the ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus took a detour to the plaza before their show tonight. ring master iverson is joining us right now -- >> from the china national
4:51 am
acrobatic group. i'm your ring master, jonathan lee iverson of the greatest show on earth! america's longest national treasure, ringling brothers & barnum and bailey. we have made it here on fox. it's not bigger than that. >> you go to the prudential center, that's great. >> absolutely. in newark. >> why aren't you working with the chinese acrobats? >> i love gravity. ut it. >> they're the creme de la creme, the best of the best and they here today to -- they have been all over the world. since 1950. wonderful troop was established. they're amazing. >> absolutely. >> so every week you're in some city across the country. >> every week, every week. we're running around. we're spreading saw dust, joy for children of all ages.
4:52 am
>> you're quite an entertainer because barbara walters named you one of the most fascinating people of the year. >> she wasn't feeling well that year. >> how did you get your start? >> by accident. i started off here in new york city. and i graduated from college, i was going to just study and become an opera singer. and i took -- i just happened to audition where they wanted a ring master. so here i am. >> me too. i was thinking opera. but i ended up in news. jonathan, do a little play-by-play here. what are we seeing? >> what you're seeing is a fantastic move. that's the centipede. that's the centipede. that's what we used to do -- >> exactly. >> what's the reaction from the kids and the family? >> the kids of all ages explode with applause when they see the fine artists from all over the world. >> just incredible. the human body is capable of that. >> absolutely. >> not my human body. >> it takes years and years of practice. >> how often -- very nice.
4:53 am
how often does one of them hit their noggin on one of the metal ring qus? >> probably every day. >> you don't know? >> no. no. >> it's like they're made of steel. these are our first, you know, real life superheroes that's what ringling brothers has always provided. >> behind the scenes, do you hang out together? >> absolutely. we live on the world's privately owned train. the ringling brothers & barnum and bailey train. >> since you did a good job of introducing this segment, how about if you do the plug for us right here. >> all right. to see the ringling brothers, visit thank you. the china acrobatic troupe. >> thank you. they're great. fantastic. round of applause for the ringling brothers. welcome to america. >> all right.
4:54 am
meanwhile, coming up, you just heard from donald trump. but we had a technical malfunction. he'll rejoin us in a couple of minutes. marco rubio said he'll beat donald trump in florida. and he'll join us shortly. geraldo rivera my only true friend in the news business is getting ready for the reality show, "dancing with the stars." he's here with a special surprise. there you go. ♪ [ music ] defiance is in our bones.
4:55 am
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4:58 am
many horrible, horrible things said about me in one week. >> what tonight means is that the political revolution that we are talking about is strong in every part of the country. >> we know that we are closing the gap in state after state after state after state. >> so here we are, it always comes down to florida, doesn't it? >> just wait one week from tonight. we are going to win the state of ohio and it will be a whole new ballgame. >> we didn't hang up on him. technology got in our way. >> that's right. donald trump is going to be joining us in a moment. it was a big night for donald trump, declaring victory in three primaries, one caucus. and today finished second, barely beating john kasich who wanted to win michigan. trump also took mississippi with 47% of the vote, cruz took second with 36% and kasich and rubio in the single digits.
4:59 am
look at marco rubio right there, 5%. >> i'm a hawaiian correspondent, so i'll take this one. donald trump won with 42%, a caucus. a little bit oft controversy there. in idaho, idaho came in second place by a wide margin because ted cruz took 45% of the vote to donald trump's 28% of the vote. >> what does this mean for the delegate count? that leaves trump with 446 delegates, cruz has 347, rubio has 151 and kasich has 54. what's the magic number? 1237 -- 8. >> something like that. >> over 1,200. all right, peter doocy is recapping what happened in michigan. peter? >> reporter: and michigan was our first chance to see how trump's message about getting better trade deals and bringing car manufacturing back to the u.s. would play in an industrial state. and we saw it worked because the businessman won 45% of michigan voters that think trade with
5:00 am
other countries cost americans jobs. trump was the top choice of evangelical christians and voters angry with the government. and he doesn't think any of those attacks by other candidates or outside groups are working. >> this was an amazing evening. and i don't think i have ever had so many horrible, horrible things said about me in one week. $38 million worth of horrible lies but that's okay. it shows you how brilliant the public is. because they knew they were lies. >> reporter: but the big surprise was on the other side, bernie sanders backed by 81% of young voters and 71% of independents, squeaked out an inexpected win against hillary clinton for the biggest prize of the week. >> what tonight means is that the bernie sanders campaign, the people -- the people's revolution that we are talking about, the political revolution that we are talking about is
5:01 am
strong in every part of the country and frankly we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen. we're going to do very, very well in the west coast and other parts of this country. >> reporter: and a big question here in michigan today. what happened to john kasich? late deciders backed him by a lot, but he fell to third after several days of buzz throughout the state about the ohio governor possibly being able to pull off an upset. >> right. >> reporter: didn't happen. back to you. >> it was a close third though. thanks, peter. meanwhile, donald trump back with us. you can hear us, right? >> yes, i can hear you fine. >> you saw that jimmy kimmel's second guest was mitt romney and he was reading some mean tweets. you thought this was beneath him. for those who missed it, listen. >> @real donald trump, mitt romney had his chance and blew it.
5:02 am
lindsay graham ran for president, got zero, capitalized and quit. why are they now spokesman against me? sad. got zero. the only people who got zero are the ones who paid 25 grand to be at trump university. they're the ones who got zero. >> in what way was -- you thought it wasn't funny, it was inappropriate? >> well, he's a wise guy. he had a big failure, he has to admit that. he should be trying to unify the party not tear the party apart. you know, he failed really badly four years ago. that was a race that should have been won. and he did not perform well. and he should be out there trying to unify the party. not try and tear it apart, and frankly we had a great victory last night. and, you know, brian one of the biggest stories in all of the political world is the millions of additional people that are coming and voting in the republican primaries and you see that and caucuses. but essentially the primaries.
5:03 am
and there are millions and millions of people coming out and voting. i think it's up 60% from the previous cycle. never happened before. never happened in history. >> you're counting on them in the general election? >> we're going to count on them, absolutely. those are people -- you know, when i'm shaking hands with people and i'm standing in line and i'm signing autographs and doing things i get to know the people well. so many people have said, mr. trump, we're talking about 40, 50, 60-year-old people. mr. trump, i have never voted before. i'm so proud, it's first time i ever wanted to vote. you're the only person i have ever wanted to vote for. i'm so proud to vote. these are great americans. these are great people, but they never had spirit in whoever that was running for office. these -- these people are there by the millions. we have taken from the democrats. we have taken from the independents. and they're pouring out. it's a massive story. it's on the cover of "time" magazine, et cetera. i'm saying that essentially,
5:04 am
rather than fighting me and doing all of that you know, paul ryan was great. he called me up last week and we had a great talk. we had a really great talk and it was very nice to hear from him. and i have a lot of respect for him by the way. but instead of fighting it, they should embrace it because if we embrace what's happening, i mean, you know what's happening is being talked about all over the world. if we embrace what's happening, and if everybody came together instead of spending all of this money on these ridiculous ads that frankly are wrong, if you -- they're just false ads, you know, it's terrible, if everybody came together, nobody could beat the republican party. we would walk in to washington. we would literally have such a great election victory and then we'd get the right judges. because if hillary get in the there, you'll have an imbalance of the supreme court that will never be rectified. >> well, last night you were talking about unifying the gop
5:05 am
but then you have ted cruz who said he told megyn kelly that's going to air tonight, we have a clip of that, he said that he's okay with a contested convention. listen to this. >> you haven't amassed enough, and it's a two-man race, you're okay with the contested c. it goes to the balloting system. >> if nobody gets 1,237 you have two front-runners, look, reagan and ford battled out in the contested convention. if you're fighting between the candidates who have earned the votes of the people and it's delegates who have been elected to do that that's the way that the system works. >> you know, what's your reaction to that? >> i'll tell you my reaction. two weeks ago he said that was a terrible thing. now because he had such a bad night last night, he had a very bad night. he thought he'd win mississippi and i won in a landslide, i almost got 50% of the vote. he thought he'd win michigan and
5:06 am
i won in a landslide. i mean, i got a tremendous amount of the vote. a tremendous amount. tremendous margins. so i won hawaii on top of all of it. so he thought he was going to do better. he had a very bad night. now he cannot get to the 1,257 or whatever -- the exact number is. 1,237. he can't get to the 1,237. as person who can't get to 1,237, i agree with him. he should be saying exactly that. the difference is i can get there. and i can get there relatively easily because i have a very big start and and my great states -- florida, i think i'll do great in florida and in ohio. john kasich, he said that he would win michigan and win it handily. if he didn't win, i thought he said he'd drop out. but he spent the last month in michigan, working very hard and he came in third place. he didn't even get second place. so i don't know what that portends, but john kasich said he would win michigan. in fact, he said it on your show because i watched him. he said he would win michigan and win it easily.
5:07 am
well, he didn't win michigan and he didn't even do well. so that tells me that i assume he's not going to even portend to go after ohio. but let's assume he does. i think we'll do great in ohio. i think we'll do really good in illinois and in -- you know, in north carolina. you know, i have a lot of employee, a lot of property and we'll do -- i think we'll do really well there. >> also next week is going to be florida. and marco rubio -- brand-new poll came out today, i believe it's a cnn poll. you are leading marco rubio 40 to 24. you're aside by 16, something like that. what happened to marco rubio? he just imploded. >> i don't know. i think he made a big mistake -- i mean, i'm watching all of you guys and i think he made a big mistake when he tried to become don rickles with me. and somehow that didn't work. you know, it had a huge impact on him, a huge negative impact on him. you know, you have covered this before. i'm proud to say that everybody who has hit me has gone down.
5:08 am
wouldn't it be great in terms of if country if that would happen, if people would come after us, the country is like a punching bag. the world takes advantage on us on trade or military. we can't even beat isis. you know, you look at -- health care, obamacare is a disaster. on common core, which is a disaster. we're like a punching bag. but if you look at just on trade and at the border, et cetera, you know, our country is being taken advantage of by everybody. and we can't let that happen. >> he's the senator from florida, he can only stop -- he's the only guy who can stop you in florida. in one poll he was trailing by eight. here he is last night. >> i need your help. i believe with all my heart that the winner of the florida prima primary next tuesday will be the nominee of the republican party so you're given an incredible task. you are given an incredible task a week from now. i need your help.
5:09 am
i need your vote. >> he needs it. he's not giving up. he's going to fight through it. >> yeah, but brian, i think he made that statement before the election results. that statement was made yesterday. that was before -- you don't have any sound clips on him now because frankly i don't think he wanted to speak. i understand that. he had a rough night. >> do you think he'll drop out? >> i don't know, i'm not going to get involved in that. it's his decision. but his decision is does he want to go forward or not? if he goes forward and loses it's tend -- it's the end of his career, i would say. >> bernie sanders has the inverse philosophy of you. he's for free education, free this, free health care, vilifying billionaires like you. how could he have success and you have success in the same country? >> well, the one thing we're a
5:10 am
little bit similar, the difference is he can't do anything about it, it will sit there and rot. but we agree on one thing, very strongly, this country is being ripped off on trade and he's strong on that. i watched him, and he's strong on that. the difference is i will fix it and make it so we profit from trade. whereas he will just end the trade and that is not as good an answer as my answer. we'll make a lot of money from these countries that are right now ripping us off. but you know what it speaks to is how weak hillary is. hillary lost michigan. every poll said she'd win it easily and she lost. it tells you how weak she is as a candidate. >> we know you have a busy week ahead as we count down to ohio and florida. donald trump from florida, thank you and congratulations. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> it was a big tuesday for donald trump. >> it was. so many people on twitter are asking question, and we didn't have time to get them in. one guy wants to know who the vice president's going to be. who he would pick. >> stand by. >> we'll ask him next time. in the meantime, we'll find
5:11 am
out more headlines from heather nauert. >> good morning. i have some breaking news, it's a fox news alert. a massive explosion just rocking seattle moments ago. and we're taking a look at some hive pictures right now. nine firefighters were hurt. this blast destroying at least three buildings in the area, blowing out the windows of nearby homes. the neighborhood we are told has now been evacuated. fire crews were already on the scene. they were checking out a possible gas leak when the building exploded. how terrifying for them. the cause of that blast though is being investigated. the nine firefighters are being treated for their injuries right now. those injuries range from cuts to bruises. we'll keep you posted as we get more. and some frightening news out of the middle east. iranian state tv said that country test fired two ballistic missiles marked with the words, israel must be worked out.
5:12 am
this comes as vice president biden visits israel as part of a tour. he said if iran breaks the terms of the nuclear deal we will act. the music world is mourning the loss of the man known as the fifth beatle. ♪ ♪ i read the news today, about a lucky man who made the grade ♪ >> george martin produced that song and other classic albums like "abbey road" and "yellow submarine." he started to work with them back in 1962. paul mccartney called him a second father. he tweeted, quote, the world has lost a truly great man and ringo starr said, thank you for your love and kindness and peace and love. he was 90 years old. what a career he had. those are your headlines. we'll get more stuff from james rosen, he's a big beatles fan.
5:13 am
>> what a world. >> a legend. coming up on this wednesday, he skipped the funeral for supreme court justice antonin scalia and now the president is snubbing first lady nancy reagan's funeral as well. so what is he up to? where he's going instead? >> maybe south by southwest. turns out donald trump's rust belt strategy is working in michigan, but can the old reagan democrats help take him all the way to the white house? peter johnson jr. has been tasked with that question, i hope he has an answer. ate for w you grab your 10-gallon jug of coffee, and back out of the garage. right into your wife's car. with your wife watching. she forgives you... eventually. your insurance company, not so much. they say you only have their basic policy. don't basic policies cover basic accidents? of course, they say... as long as you pay extra for it. with a liberty mutual base policy, new car replacement comes standard. and for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates
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5:17 am
donald trump winning big in michigan last night and bernie sanders scored an upset over hillary clinton. what is it about trump and sanders that is appealing to so many voters? let's talk to peter johnson jr. about this. >> and donald trump won in rich counti counties, in poor counties, mixed counties, 50%, or whatever the number is exactly at this point. actually, closer to 50% in mississippi, not as well in michigan, but won in both of those states. so rust belt, bible belt. winning. donald trump and it came to me
5:18 am
last night as i was watching his remarks about the businesses that he owned. so let's take a look about donald trump talking about the businesses and then i'll tell you what that's about and why america is liking that. >> i built a great, great country. i have a private water company and i supply the water for all my places and it's very good. trump steaks, where are the steaks? by the way, if you want to take one we'll charge you about 50 bucks a steak. no, i'm only kidding. the magazine is great. anybody want -- here, take one. >> so when you watch that, you say to yourself, okay. here's a guy that has accomplishments. and he knows what he's doing. he's saying i want to become the salesman in chief for america and i'm not embarrassed by it. i want to sell america to the world. i want to sell americans to each other. i want to say to you at home, you're not marginalized. i'm not embarrassed by you.
5:19 am
i want to reassure you that things will be better and i will do it because i have done it in my own businesses. and that's compelling. and the message of sanders on the flip side is very similar. he's avuncular, committed, he's saying i want to make it better. that's something that we haven't had, a president who's not embarrassed by his constituency. that's why donald trump is doing well. can he pivot, can he met amore foe size, can become the great unifier, that diversity in this country is our strength? that's his test going forward. can he bring more people under the trump tent? let's see what happens going forward. but a compelling victory for trump last week. very interesting. >> will that work going forward? we'll know one week from today. >> we'll see. >> good to see you. coming up on a wednesday, an illegal immigrant arrested for a
5:20 am
killing spree. the mistake that immigration agents made that set him free. have you heard, geraldo rivera is competing on the new season of "dancing with the stars." he's dancing into our studio with his professional partner. you're going to be watching for the next season. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27%
5:21 am
more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america.
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5:23 am
have you heard the big news? the new "dancing with the stars" cast has been revealed. >> that's right. we had a sneaking suspicion last week when our own geraldo rivera was going for the mirror ball trophy. >> i can neither confirm nor deny. >> wait a second. >> i can neither confirm or -- i
5:24 am
have no idea where you got that. >> oh, man. [ laughter ] >> i'm not sure what he was dancing to. it turns out our suspicions were correct. >> it is geraldo rivera and his partner edyta sliwinska. [ cheers and applause ] >> there you go. geraldo he joins us now. he's with edyta sliwinska. welcome both of you to the show. geraldo, you are bad at keeping secrets. >> not so good. >> you didn't break your contract. you didn't say a word. >> i did not confirm it. here is lovely edyta. we're having a lovely time. it's very stressful. but she makes it as easy as she could be. she's a wonderful teacher. we had dinner, where she met erica and the three daughters. >> what does that have to do with dancing?
5:25 am
>> no hanky pankey going on. >> what makes it stressful? >> it's just, ainsley, out of my comfort zone. i told edyta yesterday i'd rather walk through a minefield. i'd feel more confident than doing a salsa, a rumba, a fox trot, a waltz, can you imagine me doing a waltz? >> that's why i'm here. >> leave it to the professionals. you have been through war zones, been through a lot. you have jumped out of planes. are you in condition to do this? >> the conditioning is fine. it's like rounds in boxing. it is much more about the technique, steve. it's just like you can be a great athlete and be a lousy skier or tennis player. >> it's one thing dancing at the disco when everybody is drinking, but when everyone is sober -- >> you should ask that question in a couple of weeks when the
5:26 am
training kicks in and he's still working full-time. corresponding for fox. i'm in full admiration of you. >> edyta, tell us about yourself and tell us if you're right for geraldo. >> the matchmaker. >> you grew up in poland. >> i grew up in poland. i came here when i was 20 years old. i did "dancing with the stars" for the first ten seasons, then i took a long break. i produced my own stage show. i had a baby and now i'm back. i'm excited. >> are you prepared? he likes to get naked in his last reality show, we saw him get down to his skivvies. >> we're counting on him. >> the ratings will go up. >> as a matter of fact -- >> edyta, he likes to win. he's the ultimate competitor. >> i do. i like to win too. now, we do have to remember that it's the best competition. it's not a national election. so let's not take it so serious. i like to win and i can promise you we'll do our best to make
5:27 am
you guys proud. >> well, we look forward to it. "dancing with the stars" premieres on monday, march 21st over on abc at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. >> thank you. vote early and often. >> on behalf of america, thanks for coming here and defecting from poland. we're happy to have you. >> they're our ally. >> stuck in the '80s. >> i'm really proud of you. >> i'm predicting victory. because of edyta. coming up straight ahead on our show, stop and look at this. a masked man holds up a cab driver at gun point, but one thing the criminal never saw coming. it was all caught on camera. it was geraldo. take note, geraldo. the next guest has some serious moves. ♪ >> that's right. cedric the entertainer is here to explain why he won't do "dancing with the stars."
5:28 am
dance-off with geraldo. hey, cedric. >> what's going on?
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
let's talk about what happened yesterday. a big night last night for donald trump. declaring victory in two primaries and one caucus. in the state of michigan, trump dominated with 36% of the vote. cruz finished second barely
5:32 am
eming out john kasich. trump took mississippi with 47% of the vote. cruz taking second with 36% and kasich and rubio were in the single digits. >> it took a long time, but hawaii finally came in. it was for donald trump, into his column, 42% of the vote. 42 for cruz, followed by marco rubio. in idaho, trump came in second to cruz. cruz had 45% of the vote to donald trump's 28%. >> that leaves donald trump with 446 delegate, cruz has 347, rubio 151 and kasich has 54. >> meanwhile, our next guest is never afraid to poke fun at politicians in his stand-up routines. and now he's going to play himself on tv. >> yep. in the upcoming and final season of his hit show "soul man" his character is running for mayor. how does he feel about the presidential election and is he studying for his own part?
5:33 am
>> actor and comedian cedric the entertainer is here. good morning. >> how are you? >> politician, cedric. >> i'm actually -- you know, spoiler alert. i think i might win. >> really? >> i think i might win. >> it's your show. >> what are you learning about this political process that's playing into your script? >> oh, you can say anything. you know? i think it's fun now. i mean, like regular politics are out the window. like, you know? nobody wants to kind of see people talk regular politics. you make up stuff. you know? i want to see like donald trump debate the last season of "empire." >> what would that be like? >> i don't know. i just know that he'll make empire great again. i do know that. i do know that. i'm going to make "empire" great again. >> which candidate is giving you the most material? >> between trump and bernie sanders. you know? i think -- but trump always, you know, he's just -- i don't know
5:34 am
what's going on with the tan? like the chee-tos. you know that orange you get -- i think he does that. >> you sound like marco rubio. marco rubio -- what happened to him? >> i don't know. he looks the least hispanic of them all. like rubio, are you sure, it's not rubenstein? [ laughter ] no. >> what about hillary clinton? she comes from -- you know. >> she's old. >> she's what? >> she's old school politician, you know? i think she wants to win just to spite bill. you know? >> right. >> i can do it, you can do it. >> something under her desk if you know what i'm saying. >> we don't. what are you saying? >> too soon? >> 1998, we're still not ready. >> i don't know about those cigars, bill. >> oh! >> i know the comedians -- i know you have a small family and you're all friends. jimmy fallon, larry david have been making fun of bernie sanders. let's take a look at and i want to get your reaction. >> i don't have a super pac. i don't have a backpack!
5:35 am
i carry my stuff around loose in my arms. you know, between classes. >> the point is, we won, and i feel like a million bucks. [ cheers and applause ] enough. enough. stop with the clapping. the loud -- stop, please. >> who did it better? >> oh, i like fallon's the best. >> that was so much -- >> but larry david did it first. fallon had more fun with it doing the crazy gestures. >> right. >> so in addition to having fun, you're here today to talk about something serious and that's diabetes. >> yeah. yeah. diabetes is running rampant in the african-american and hispanic communities. and so, you know, my dad who suffers from type ii diabetes we wanted to talk about -- i partnered with american diabetes association and pfizer in 2014 to talk about diabetic nerve pain, another condition that
5:36 am
happens with people who have diabetes and they have this kind of burning, shooting pain in their hands or feet and they don't know it's associated with their diabetes. so we thought it would be a good -- you know, good opportunity to do this partnership and ask people to step on it. we have been doing that and really getting some great results. people are, you know, going to the doctor, talking about this extra condition of having this pain in their feet due to their -- >> because they don't put two and two together, wait a minute, that's from diabetes. >> yeah. it's that kind of thing. i feel stressed, i have been on my feet all day. i'm a little tired. they didn't necessarily associate wit the condition of diabetes. >> my mother has diabetes, type i, so thank you for that. >> does your dad think you're funny? >> yes. yes. >> did you always crack him up as a kid? >> no. dads they don't get your jokes right away. yeah, what are you doing, clean up, you know? but, you know, as an adult we
5:37 am
laugh a lot. >> who's your favorite comedian? >> brian. everybody knows it too. we talk about it all the time. >> you turned down "dancing with the stars." what are you thinking? i watched you dance in the clips, you'd win it. >> it's from years of being on "soul train." >> you brought down the crawl, the dancing abilities. >> i understand there's a dance-off. we're going to bring in geraldo. >> geraldo, come on in here. geraldo is on the new season. do you have any music? >> dance music? >> we'll watch right here. >> go, come on. >> do you want ainsley? >> yeah. of course. of course. ♪ >> oh! ricky martin. >> bring the music to the fore. >> oh. ♪ >> right there. ♪ ♪ living ♪ >> oh.
5:38 am
look at that. >> she stole your best moves. ♪ >> very nice. >> i never thought i would be dancing with cedric. what an honor. >> dancing with cedric. >> congratulations. you're the winner. >> i love the barbershop. >> come over here. here's -- this is my dance partner. >> heather, you stay over there. we need some headlines. >> cedric has never tossed to you before. >> toss yourself to me, cedric. >> no. >> come on over. all right. >> here's heather with the news. >> all right, do i have a camera? >> the one with the red light. >> here's heather with the news. >> all right, good job. great dancing moves there. good morning to all of you. couple headlines to bring you right now. new video this morning of a
5:39 am
man running down the street and this is a serious and a horrific story. he ran down the street in israel, lunging at people inside cars. this happens in and people could be heard screaming terrorist in hebrew. police believe this man could be the attacker who killed a u.s. army veteran who had served not only in iraq, but also afghanistan. he was a west point graduate. his name was taylor force and he died in that stabbing rampage. he was on a school sponsored trip. he was studying for his mba at vanderbilt university. he had served overseas for our country. our prayers go out to his family this morning. what a terrific young man up. you may remember this video. take a look here. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> so many folks outraged. you're looking at a baltimore city police officer who has been charged with assault.
5:40 am
the other officers have been placed on administrative leave. they were slapping a 14-year-old child at a school in baltimore and police are now investigating. that man and the woman standing by now on administrative leave. well, this man is accused of murdering five people in cold flood and now -- blood and now we have learned that a mistake by immigration officials gave him a license to kill. pablo serrano-vitorino an illegal immigrant had been deported from the united states 12 years ago, but he somehow ended up back in the country illegally. he was beusted for driving without a license, but i.c.e. sent a retain tore the wrong sheriff's office so he was released. he is accused of killing five people including a family of four in their homes in kansas city. and a lot of people outraged and questioning this move. president obama skipping nancy reagan's funeral to speak at
5:41 am
south by southwest. that's the popular film and music festival that takes place every year in austin, texas. instead, first lady michelle obama will attend the funeral on friday, which is held at the reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. last month, president obama skipped out on antonin scalia's funeral, leaving many to say that was in poor taste. a lot going on this morning. back over to you. >> thank you, heather. coming up on a wednesday, the republican establishment so desperate to dump trump they're meeting with big tech liberals like apple ceo tim cook. stuart varney weighs in on this next. >> he's a billionaire. his album is burning its way up the country charts. the biggest new star, granger smith. isn't that the best name? there he is. he's going to perform the number one hit for us coming up. and we'll play it for you right now. ♪
5:42 am
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5:45 am
cue that sound bite. >> are we doing it the easy way or the hard way? give me your wallet if you toptd want to die. >> there's a taxi cab driver being told he's going to die. the masked driver didn't know an officer was behind him the whole time. he have quickly arrested. good. a tiger falls out of a truck in qatar. you can see the big cat weaving through traffic and he was eventually caught. why was he transporting a tiger? >> yeah. >> don't leave the hatch open when you have a tiger. over the weekend a group of silicon valley executives met
5:46 am
with republican party leaders secretly and conservatives plotting the best way donald trump. >> stuart varney, host of "varney and company" heard about this too. stuart, this is unbelievable. these are republicans? >> establishment republican guys, mitch mcconnell, paul ryan, jumping into bed with northern california billionaires, liberals from the tech industry and they're uniting around a desire to stop trump no matter what. you have never seen this before. the republicans are in chaos. >> if they want to stop trump who is their candidate? >> i think they wanted to put support behind marco rubio but after last night, he faded rather badly. i'm not sure what the establishment and the billionaire get together is going to do. their plan is to deny donald trump enough delegates to secure the nomination on the first round of balloting in the
5:47 am
cleveland convention. that's their plan. but at -- after last night it's looking sketchy. >> the voters are speaking out. the voters like bernie sanders for the democrats, they like donald trump for the very reason they're anti-establishment. >> despite all of the attacks on donald trump from this group and others, donald trump comes through last night and as you have been reporting he wins by a double digit margin in michigan. his supporters have not been put off by the attacks on him. it could be that it gained more support for trump. what happens if you get to the convention and donald trump is denied the nomination? republicans lose. that would be my opinion. >> donald trump knows he has to get over 1,200. he's a deal maker and a finisher and he has to do that. do you think elon musk and cook might embrace his principles? >> it's astonishing to see them get along with the republicans. cook is a global warminger and
5:48 am
and yet they're in bed with leading republicans to stop donald trump. looks really desperate. >> stuart, thank you very much for bringing it to our attention. when with we watch you? >> 13 minutes, 9:00 sharp. >> you better get over there. >> i think we have seen enough of him. >> oh, that is not nice! coming up his album is burning the way up the country music charts. country music's biggest new star, granger smith is performing his number one hit for us. but first, bill hemmer, we're taking some requests. do you have granger smith too? >> you don't all have to run to varney over there. >> great shot. >> come on, you two. >> we got you covered. big morning, what americans are telling us after many super tuesday lineups. great polling as we get ready for an all-important day next
5:49 am
week. how wrong were the pollsters in michigan? and what does that mean for hillary clinton? steve forbes, ed rollins, governor rick perry and a lot more. see you in 12 minutes, top of the hour. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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5:52 am
so our next guest has topped the country music charts with "back road song" the first single off of the first album called "remington." like the gun. >> joining us right now is granger smith and his band. you finished up the pledge of allegiance tour. tell us about this. >> i did the original colonies in 36 hours to sing the pledge of allegiance. >> why did you do that?
5:53 am
>> i think we grew up doing that and i think we have gotten away from that. there are words like republic and liberty. >> and the under god part as well. >> you're a patriot, you have performed for the troops. >> i have. we have been to iraq three times. '07, '08, '09. >> god bless you. thank you. >> you hit it big. even though you like you're 11, you have made it and how does it feel? >> it's like cloud nine. >> all right. "back road song." ♪ ♪ barbed wire fence carving out a hillside ♪ ♪ cutting holes in the midday sun ♪ ♪ like a postcard framed in a windshield covered in dust ♪ ♪ i love the rhythm of an old
5:54 am
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bill: big you night for the trump train and the so-called outsider. late last night bernie sanders pulled off a stage in upset win in the state of michigan. what does it mean today? that's what we are here for. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to america's newsroom. heather: i'm heather chilledders in for martha maccallum. >> i don't think i have


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